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By Foot Health Podiatry, PLLC
July 25, 2018
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Athlete's FootDo you feel like you are constantly dealing with athlete’s foot? Let us help.

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that usually causes an itching, burning rash on the feet (usually between the toes or on the soles). Everything from leaving sweaty feet confined in the same shoes all day to not wearing protective sandals when taking a shower at your gym can cause athlete’s foot. If this fungal infection is happening or has happened to you, our Amsterdam and Manhattan, NY, podiatrists - Dr. Sorelis Jimenez, Dr. John Fletcher, and Dr. Kamilla Danilova - are here to shed some light on how to handle this pesky little problem.

How to Treat Athlete’s Foot

If you are an otherwise healthy individual who is dealing with a bout of athlete’s foot then you may be able to handle the infection on your own with over-the-counter medication. Your local pharmacy has a variety of antifungal treatments just perfect for taking care of your athlete’s foot. If you are unsure of what medication to choose, you can also ask the pharmacist.

However, if you are someone who has a severe case of athlete’s foot, or if you have diabetes or a weakened immune system and have a fungal infection in your feet it’s important that you turn to your Amsterdam and Manhattan foot doctor immediately. People living with diabetes know the importance of receiving immediate foot care when problems arise to prevent serious complications. We can easily provide you with the prescription anti-fungal medication you need.

Remember, if you aren’t seeing results from at-home medication don’t hesitate to reach out to us for an appointment. After all, not all fungal infections will respond to OTC medication. Sometimes prescription-strength medication or oral medication is what’s required to finally kick that infection out of your system.

Preventing Athlete’s Foot

If you are someone who deals with athlete’s foot regularly you may be wondering what’s going on. Fungus is all around us, but there are certain precautions we can take to prevent fungus from infecting our feet. These precautions include:

  • Wearing protective shoes or sandals in public areas such as swimming pools, public restrooms/showers, and gyms
  • Not wearing the same shoes two days in a row
  • Spraying shoes with an antifungal spray or powder after wearing them
  • Not sharing towels, bath mats, socks, or shoes with an infected person
  • Disinfecting the tub after each use when a member of the family has athlete’s foot
  • Removing sweaty shoe and socks immediately

If you are dealing with severe or recurring athlete’s foot and require professional care, turn to Foot Health Podiatry today. We offer foot clinics in both Amsterdam and Manhattan, NY, to serve you better.

Toenail Fungus TreatmentResearchers at IBM and the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology in Singapore have found a way to make nanofibers from recycled plastic that know to attack only harmful fungal cells while leaving healthy human cells alone. The plastic molecules form themselves into the nanotechnology thanks to an organic catalyst.

“The ability of these molecules to self-assemble into nanofibers is important because unlike discrete molecules, fibers increase the local concentration of cationic charges and compound mass,” explained Yi Yan Yang, one of the project’s scientists. The inventors of this technology believe it could be used to treat infections as small as toenail fungus to bigger, more serious conditions.

Toenail fungus is an annoying condition that can be dispatched easily by a podiatrist like Dr. Sorelis Jimenez of Foot Health Podiatry. Dr. Jimenez can assess the size of your infection and recommend the best treatment option for you.

Toenail Fungus Treatment

Toenail fungus is a problem which affects many people and is hard to get rid of. Fortunately, there are several methods to go about treating toenail fungus.

Antibiotics & Treatments 

Lamisil – is the most commonly effective treatment for toenail fungus. It is available as an antibiotic Terbinafine tablet and cream. Terbinafine is a chemical component which kills fungal growth on the body.  Applying regular doses will gradually kill the fungal growth. It is important to keep the area clean and air free. 

Talcum powder – applying powder on the feet and shoes helps keep the feet free of moisture and sweat.

Sandals or open toed shoes – wearing these will allow air movement and help keep feet dry. They also expose your feet to light, which fungus cannot tolerate. Socks with moisture wicking material also help as well

Alternative Treatments

Those who are skeptical or unsure of using Lamisil containing terbinafine may consider the following:

             Alcohol, tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, or Vicks VapoRub will help as well.

Soaking your feet into a gentle bleach solution could help as well. Podiatrists usually suggest vinegar and Listerine as a soaking solution.

There are also topical products available at the pharmacy which contain ingredients such as terbinafine and other natural products.

For more information about Toenail Fungus, follow the link below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office in New York, NY. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot and ankle needs.

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