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You Can't Always Treat An Ingrown Toenail Yourself

Has your ingrown toenail continued to grow into your skin despite your efforts to free it? Although ingrown toenails can be treated at home ingrown toenailif you recognize the problem when it first begins, home treatment isn't always effective. Our Manhattan and Amsterdam, NY, podiatrists, Dr. Sorelis Jimenez, Dr. John Fletcher and Dr. Kamilla Danilova of Foot Health Podiatry, share some information about the condition and explain how foot doctors treat ingrown toenails.

Why do I have an ingrown toenail?

Ingrown toenails are more likely to occur if you round your toenails instead of cutting them in a straight line. As your nails grow, the rounded corners grow into the skin surrounding your toenail. The condition is more likely to occur if you wear very tight shoes that push your nails into the skin. Curved nails, a toe injury or fungal infections may also increase your risk of developing ingrown toenails.

When should I see a foot doctor?

Attempting to forcefully remove your nail from the skin can tear your skin and possibly cause an infection. If you can't remove the ingrown part of the nail by placing a small piece of cotton under it after soaking your foot, the best thing to do is to make an appointment with our Manhattan or Amsterdam office.

Red streaks or pus are signs that your toe has become infected. If you notice these signs, call our office as soon as possible. People who have diabetes shouldn't attempt to treat an ingrown nail adue to the increased risk of an infection.

How are ingrown toenails treated?

In many cases, freeing your nail involves removing the trapped edge during a minor surgical procedure in our office. When ingrown toenails are a frequent problem, removal of the nail may be recommended. Before either of the procedures, you'll receive a local anesthetic to ensure that you don't feel any pain.

Do you have an ingrown toenail or another foot or ankle condition? Our Manhattan and Amsterdam, NY, podiatrists at Foot Health Podiatry offer treatments that will help get you back on your feet. Call to schedule an appointment.

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