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Signs You May Have Sprained Your Ankle

Not sure if that pain in your ankle is caused by a sprain? Amsterdam and Manhattan, NY, podiatrists Dr. Sorelis Jimenez, Dr. John Fletcher ankle sprainand Dr. Kamilla Danilova of Foot Health Podiatry describe a few things you may notice if you have a sprained ankle and share treatment information.


Sprained ankles don't always cause constant pain. Sprains occur when the ligaments that hold the bones together in joints stretch or tear. Depending on the severity of the damage to the ligament, you may experience pain all of the time or may only feel it when you walk or stand.

A disconcerting sound

A loud popping sound can sometimes occur at the moment you sprain your ankle. The noise you hear is actually the sound of your ligaments tearing.

Bruising and swelling

After any injury, blood flow increases temporarily as your body rushes white blood cells to the area in an attempt to repair the damage. Increased blood flow is the reason why your ankle swells and bruising occurs.

Trouble getting around

Walking may not be so easy if you have a sprained ankle. In addition to pain, your ankle might also become stiff and difficult to move due to the swelling. If you've severely sprained your ankle, it may be impossible to put any weight on it at all.

Relieving pain and swelling

In many cases, your sprained ankle will soon start to feel much better if you stay off your feet and take a few steps to address swelling. Applying ice packs, elevating your foot, taking anti-inflammatory medication and wrapping your ankle with a compression bandage can be very effective in reducing swelling and pain.

If your symptoms continue longer than two weeks, call our Manhattan, NY or Amsterdam, NY offices to meet with a podiatrist. It's also important to call if it hasn't been two weeks, but you have severe pain or can't put any weight at all on your ankle. You may need a walking boot and crutches to reduce pressure on your injured joint. Physical therapy sessions may be recommended to strengthen surrounding muscles and improve the stability of the joint. In particularly severe cases, surgery may be needed.

Don't ignore ankle pain. Call Amsterdam and Manhattan, NY, podiatrists Dr. Sorelis Jimenez, Dr. John Fletcher and Dr. Kamilla Danilova of Foot Health Podiatry at (212) 845-9991 to schedule an appointment.

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