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Seek Treatment for Ankle Sprains

While your feet and ankles are robust and can usually take all the pressure and weight of your body day in and day out, something as unplanned as a simple miscalculation while negotiating a curb can result in an ankle sprain. A sprain occurs when the ligaments that hold your ankle bones together become excessively stretched or even torn, often causing severe pain.

The severity of ankle sprains can vary widely, and oftentimes people don’t take the injury as seriously as they should. Getting back into regular activities before the ankle has had enough time to heal can cause another injury that further weakens the tissues and ligaments. If this is repeated several times, a chronic condition of ankle instability can result that may be difficult or impossible to reverse. Always see your foot care professional for what may even feel like a minor sprain to be certain you aren’t creating future chronic problems for your feet and ankles.

Tips to avoid ankle sprains:

Avoiding ankle sprains in the first place is the best way to avoid chronic complications:

  • The right footwear—Wearing shoes that are appropriate for the activity is essential to avoiding ankle stress. For example, you wouldn’t do your ankles any favors by wearing running shoes on the tennis court.
  • Strengthening and flexing exercises—As part of your rehabilitation and recovery from a sprain, it is important to slowly increase strength and flexibility with a carefully planned physical therapy program.
  • Balance training—Avoiding tripping and falling by improving your balance is a great way to be proactive. Try standing on one foot with your eyes closed and hold for 20 seconds. Repeat with the other foot.

If you have sprained your ankle, seek help from your foot doctor right away. The podiatrists at Foot Health Podiatry, PLLC, in New York City, NY, are experts in providing the best care for any problems you may be experiencing with your feet and ankles. Sorelis Jimenez, DPM, John W. Fletcher, DPM, and Kamilla Danilova, DPM and the rest of the staff at Foot Health Podiatry, PLLC, are happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Check out our Ask The Doctor page for answers to frequently asked questions, and never hesitate to give us a call to talk or make an appointment at 212-845-9991.

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