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New Treatment Could Help Fight Ulcers in DSP Patients

diabetic foot careA new study from the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association states that ulcers in the legs of patients with diabetic sensorimotor polyneuropathy (DSP) are much less likely to reappear if the standard foot-ulcer operation is combined with an operative nerve decompression procedure.

"Almost every amputation is preceded by an ulcer wound,” said D. Scott Nickerson, MD, a doctor at Northeast Wyoming Wound Clinic and lead author of the study. “If we can do something that changes the risk of having a repeat ulcer or a first ulcer event, we can probably do something to greatly reduce the risk of an amputation.” Still, some opponents of operative nerve decompression argue that it hasn’t been proven to be effective at treating DSP yet and don’t believe it should be used.

Many diabetic patients are unaware of how much extra attention they need to give to foot care. For assistance, consult with podiatrist Dr. Sorelis Jimenez of Foot Health Podiatry. Dr. Jimenez can make sure that your feet are free of complications due to diabetes.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes affects millions of people of all ages each year. Diabetes damages blood vessels in many parts of the body, including the feet. When damage occurs to nerves in the feet, they may be unable to send the proper signals to the peripheral nervous system, resulting in a condition known as neuropathy. Once a diabetic patient develops neuropathy, it is imperative that the feet are well taken care of to avoid possible amputation of the feet.

The Importance of Caring for Your Feet

- Regularly check your feet for bruises or sores.
- Wear socks that fit your feet; socks shouldn’t be tight.
- Wear properly fitting shoes that are comfortable.

Patients with diabetes should have their doctor monitor their Hemoglobin A1C levels as this test lets the physician know how well the blood sugar levels have been controlled during the past 3 months. It is important to keep the blood sugar levels in a normal range (70-110mg/dl). It is advisable to visit a podiatrist if the diabetic patient is experiencing any conditions involving the feet.

For more information about Diabetic Foot Care, follow the link below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office in New York, NY. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot and ankle needs.

Read more about Diabetic Foot Care.

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