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Bunion Fun

Bunions are one of the most common foot deformities. The origin of the English word “bunion” is from the Old French “buignon,” which translates as “bump on the head.” The bunions we are familiar with are “bumps”, but they occur on the feet, with the big toe being the usual location. When similar, smaller bumps occur on the outside of the littlest toe they are called “bunionettes.”

Bunion Signs

Visual signs and symptoms of a bunion include:

●A hard, bony lump usually on the outside edge of the big toe joint

●The big toe will point towards the other toes due to a structural abnormality in the joint

●The skin on top of the bump will be reddened and dark.

●There may be reddish, thickened skin where the big toe and second toe overlap

Pain from Bunions

Bunions are most painful when tight shoes are worn, increasing friction and pressure. Some symptoms and side effects include:

●Redness and swelling


●A burning sensation

●Tender skin that is very sensitive to touch

Possible Side Effects of Untreated Bunions

As the deformity of the big toe continues to progress over time, the overall structural mechanics of the foot are put under great stress. The ligaments and muscles become more painful, possibly leading to metatarsalgia. Painful calluses can grow underneath the big toe joint. Arthritis may also develop with untreated bunions.

It is important to make an appointment with your foot doctor in the early stages of bunion development in order to limit or prevent these and other complications.

Treatment Options

A variety of conservative treatments including properly fitted footwear, ibuprofen for pain, orthotic inserts, splints, foot exercises and taping may be effective, but in more severe cases a surgical removal of the bunion and realignment of the toes will be needed.

The podiatrists at Foot Health Podiatry, PLLC, in New York City, NY, have extensive experience treating bunions and are experts in providing the best care for any other problems you may be experiencing with your feet and ankles. Sorelis Jimenez, DPM, John W. Fletcher, DPM, and Kamilla Danilova, DPM and the rest of the staff at Foot Health Podiatry, PLLC, are happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Check out our Ask The Doctor page for answers to frequently asked questions, and never hesitate to give us a call to talk or make an appointment at 212-845-9991.

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