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Benefits of Physical Therapy

One often hears about physical therapy being used to aid in recovery from an injury or surgery. But physical therapy can also be used to alleviate the discomfort and pain of a variety of conditions and also to help prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. Physical therapy can help in the treatment of a variety of ailments including arthritis, bunions, flat feet, peroneal tendonitis, and chronic ankle pain and instability.


Benefits of Physical Therapy


Some of the advantages of physical therapy include:


  • Avoiding surgery—A well planned regimen of physical therapy can often avoid the need for surgery and a long recovery.
  • Pain maintenance—A variety of techniques can be used to decrease pain and discomfort.
  • Increase strength and flexibility—Exercises to slowly increase the strength and flexibility of muscles and tendons can help you get back on your feet after surgery, or help to avoid a repeat injury.
  • Fall prevention—Balance problems lead to a large number of falls every year. Some of these can be prevented through physical therapy exercises that increase ankle strength and mobility.


Some of the therapies and treatments you can discuss with your doctor include: Hot and cold compresses, physical manipulation, stretching, taping, electrical stimulation of muscles, ultrasound, and high frequency current therapy to jumpstart the healing process.


A physical therapy program can be created with your specific needs in mind, and your foot doctor can help design and implement the plan that is right for you.  The podiatrists at Foot Health Podiatry, PLLC in New York City, NY, are experts in providing the best care for any problems you may be experiencing with your feet and ankles. Sorelis Jimenez, DPM, John W. Fletcher, DPM, and Kamilla Danilova, DPM and the rest of the staff at Foot Health Podiatry, PLLC are happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Check out our Ask The Doctor page for answers to frequently asked questions, and never hesitate to give us a call to talk or make an appointment at 212-845-9991.


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